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How to Use RC Bait Boat?

The Intelligent RC Bait Boat usually is equipped with the GPS system, the fish finder, and a digital radio-controlled system.
This high-tech equipment can effectively prevent the boat in the way of navigation and could help the fishing people to get a clear understanding of the fishing site of the riverbed landscape, water depth, water temperature, and fish conditions.

How to release the bait and hook for RC bait boat (with GPS and Fishfinder)?

A). Open RC fishing boat cover and put LiFePo battery inside, fix it with a velcro strap.
B). Use the battery plug to plug in the receiver power connector. the light on the receiver turns on( remarks: The transmitter shall turn on before the receiver turns on), then the control system is working.
C). Rotate the knob on the transmitter to C, the lock pin at the rear and bottom both withdraw into the lock.
D). Rotate the knob on the transmitter to B, the lock pins at the bottom and rear will extend to the end of the lock. The bottom lock is locked.
E). Rotate the knob on the transmitter to A, the pin of the rear lock will extend out of the lock, the bait hopper is opened, put the big bait with hook inside the hopper, then press the hopper cover to close to the hopper.
F). Insert the surf rod on the beach, use surf rod and surf reel with almost 500 meters line to connect the hook with bait in the RC boat.
G). Control the boat with bait to a spot 10 meters away from the shore. Press the button GPS (ON) on the transmitter for 5 seconds. Meanwhile, the corresponding green light is on for GPS (RETURN)( indicate that the original spot is memorized, it is also called the return spot.
H). After the boat drives to the desired spot, rotate the knob on the transmitter from A to B, the back door will be opened, rotate from B to C, the bait and hook at the rear will be released. (The bottom will also have the release function) then you can enjoy the fun of fishing with a surf rod and surf reel.

I). Press any one of the 4 POSITIONING buttons for 5 seconds, the green light will turn on ( The boat has memorized the coordinate of this spot). We can later remote control the boat with hook or bait to the spot again as long as we press the corresponding positioning button. If you want to cancel the positioning of one spot, press the corresponding positioning button for 5 seconds.
J). Press the button GPS(RETURN) for 1 second, the boat will come back to the spot 10 meters from the nearest shore and stop there. As long as we pull or push the trigger or rotate the wheel from the transmitter, the RC bait boat will cancel the return automatically and turn to be controlled by humans. Once again if you want to start return automatically, you need to press GPS(RETURN)again. then the boat will return automatically. The 4 green lights on the transmitter will flash if the battery power is low, we need to control the boat back as soon as possible because the boat has the remaining power to drive for 500-800 meters.


Depending on the fishing of different species of fish, the bait used in the nest can be divided into powder, paste, granules, and even live bait. It should usually be the same or similar to the bait on the hook. Nesting can play a very important role in the vast range of wild fishing in the waters. Nesting is generally a fixed point chosen before starting fishing, according to the size of the water, a sufficient amount of bait.


The Benefits of Using Fishing People RC Bait Boat

Use Gps set the origin and destination, can repeatedly and accurately navigate the bait boat to multiple destinations and return to the starting point, and can accurately calculate the bait boat’s straight line distance and actual travel time when the receiving signal is weak, the bait boat will automatically turn back to the signaled area.
Smart radio-controlled bait boats are equipped with high-brightness LED lights and flashing night vision lights, as well as double bait silos and hooks controlled by electromagnet switches. Through the keys on the remote control, you can remote control the bait boat’s driving, baiting, hooking, lighting opening and closing, electronic balance motor speed adjustment, and other functions. And use manual driving, automatic driving, automatic demonstration, and GPS automatic navigation driving mode to control the bait boat’s various operating posture.
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